Maximus Outdoors™ Brand Protection

Maximus Outdoors™, Maximus Shooting™, Maximus Shoots™ are brands owned and managed by Big Red Barn LLC and we are committed to protecting our customers from being fooled by knock offs and fakes and to protecting our legal trademarks, logos, slogans ("Follow me Like the Buzzards Do™), artworks and copyrights. In an effort to make sure our customers are receiving or buying authentic  merchandise, or if you have any question whether you bought an authentic Maximus Outdoors™, Maximus Shooting™, or Maximus Shoots™ product or not, please email us with any of your concerns and all relative information to

If you have any question or concerns as to the authenticity of a certain retailer or just want to notify of something that you believe infringes on our brands please let us know here

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Maximus Outdoors™, Maximus Shoting™, Maximus Shoots™, "Follow me Like the Buzzards Do"™,  and all associated marked slogans and artworks are property of Maximus Outdoors™ and Big Red Barn LLC  and may not be used without written legal consent.

If you infringe we will take legal action.

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