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Thanks for stopping by my  I am currently 12 years old, happily home schooled and spend the majority of my time in the great outdoors. I have been shooting a bow, rifles and handguns since the age of 4. I hunt, fish, and trap just about anything that moves through every possible season. For the past several years I have been competing in the shooting sports in Steel Challenge, USPSA, Rimfire Challenge, IPSC, and IDPA. I earned my first Grandmaster in SCSA at the age of 10 and earned 3 more Grandmaster classifications in SCSA at the age of 11. I have no plans to slow down.

Thankfully I have some great sponsors that help make my outdoors and shooting sports life better each and every day including, Core Rifle Systems, GTO Airboats, Ortiz Custom Guns, Hunters HD Gold, Elftmann Tactical, Pro Shot Products, Tactical Solutions, Hogue Inc,  Primeaux Targets, Daraholsters and Tacbeltz. Please check out these great companies as they all can offer you something special for your outdoors and shooting lifestyle. You can find me on Instagram @maximusoutdoors and on facebook. Please be sure to grab one of my official hats, shirts or decals....all proceeds go towards my life outdoors and ammo.

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